Values Integration

Values integration is more than just teaching the students what is right, it is about promoting within the students perceptions in life such as –

  • Studying and working hard are acts of worship
  • To love and forgive each other for the sake of God
  • To repel evil with good in return
  • To love for others what you love for your self
  • Modesty in dress and actions at all times

Through education we achieve enlightenment. In the conditions of enlightenment we make informed choices that become the guiding influences in our lives.

The Australian Islamic College aims to equip students to make such enlighted decisions based on a broader awareness of the needs of society.

• Our language enriches us and enables us to articulate each and every thought, idea, observation, feeling or moment we cherish. Our language is not the instru­ment of our intellectual impris­onment.

• Our religion enlightens us and, inspires us towards our higher selves and our noblest, divinely ­endowed potentialities. Our reli­gion is not the medium which dri­ves us towards evil deeds and bad­ness and mindlessness.

• Our culture empowers us to draw from the best of received wisdom and acquire cultural behaviours which are uniquely beautiful and supportive of a cul­tural order. Our culture is not the vehicle of static rituals, myths and symbols.

With a broader appreciation of our culture and faith our students can come to appreciate the positive contribution they can make to society.Through values integration our next generation of children will know how to deal with the world using proper conduct and morals.

Values Integration is about teaching students how to use their knowledge for the betterment of themselves and society. The outcome is not what society can offer us but what we as individuals can offer society.

Islamic Values integration teaches that God-consciousness and morality are the foundations of a healthy society.  AIC endeavours to ensure a future generation of students who will not only graduate with strong academic achievements, but also with a strong identification towards the well-being of society underpinned by values such as power of knowledge, respect, responsibility, forgiveness, truthfulness, cooperation etc.

Students are taught that good conduct; behaviour and self-development are all acts of worship. To strive and achieve ones full potential is seen as a duty. The benefits are long lasting and far-reaching providing practical solutions to save society billions of dollars.

Just consider the positive societal benefits from a generation of young adults not involved in consumption of alcohol, illicit drug use, with strong work ethics and high morals in dealing with others?

You will find values emphasis apparent in every facet of College life- from room decorations to assembly presentations. To improve upon moral values and attitudes, each week students emphasise on a particular value as a ‘Theme of the week’. Examples include “Justice and Tolerance”.

The existence, the love and fear of God is constantly conveyed to students as it is a school policy that teachers in all subject areas deliberately acknowledge God and incorporate values in each lesson throughout the whole day.  These efforts reflect AIC’s view of the  ‘holistic’ development of its student, both academically and spiritually.

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