Science Lab

At Australian Islamic College, students are given opportunity to identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on scientific knowledge. In science, teachers combine classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. This has a positive outcome in helping our students to decide their futures goals in modern days of science and technology.

To conduct scientific investigations in areas of chemistry, physics, biology and Earth and Environmental science, AIC has fully equipped laboratories with advanced instruments and supplies. The science lab design is according to the Australian standard.

Chemical storage room at the College has a large capacity to store laboratory reagents under safer environment. All supplies are regularly updated to meet the requirements of scientific activities throughout the entire year.

Chemistry, Biology and physical science models and charts are available to staff and students.

Standard Operating procedures, laboratory manuals, safety manuals are maintained and updated and are available to the staff and students.

Regular risk assessments are done on our laboratory procedures, ensuring safe working environment.

The science lab is fully equipped with safety equipment’s such a fume cupboards, emergency shower, first aid, fire blankets and extinguishers.

The lab has a full capacity to accommodate large number of students. Maximum supply of materials and instruments are made available to the students ensuring each student perform their individual experiments. Laboratory aprons and safety glasses are available for students to wear during conducting lab activities for safety reasons.

The students are always under the supervision of their qualified science teachers and lab assistant.

Based on our student’s interest in physical and biological sciences, advance level instruments are purchased for our secondary students. Some of them are high tech microscopes, analytical balances, electrostatic generators, spectroscopic instruments, distillation apparatus, dissection apparatus etc.

We are regularly looking into the opportunities to collaborate with advance research centres and industry to help our student to gain practical experience through work placements and workshops.

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